Why Your Smartphone is Your Greatest Tool for Content Creation


I meet freelancers and creatives all the time who complain about not being able to keep up with their work schedules or content demands because they’re always on-the-go. But every time I hear these types of excuses, I want to shake them and convince them to use the device that most people consume content on anyway: your smartphone!

In fact, studies show that up to 70% of all web traffic happens on a mobile device. And since so many brands are ensuring that consumers can interact with them through mobile, it makes perfect sense to leverage your own mobile resources to enhance the experience. 

Without a doubt, your smartphone is your greatest tool for content creation, and if you still don’t believe me, here’s a few reasons why you should use it your advantage: 

You Have Complete Access to Social Media

I think the most important benefit that smartphones offer for content creation is that you have complete access to social media. 

Think about it.

From your smartphone, you can post Tweets, stream videos on Facebook Live, add to your Instagram Stories, write blog posts to LinkedIn, and upload videos to YouTube. As long as you have decent cell service or a Wi-Fi connection, you can literally update and communicate with a multitude of audiences from your fingertips. 

There’s no need to bust out a laptop or block out time to sit at your desk. You can run errands, and while you’re waiting in line, curate your feed and engage with followers. 

You Can Still Do a Ton of Editing and Graphic Design Work

Along with taking photos and videos, you can rely solely on your smartphone to do a ton of editing and graphic design work. 

With apps like Canva or Luma Fusion, you can easily choose from a variety of graphic design templates that fit all types of social media platforms or site dimensions. For example, with Canva, they have every type of template you could want for Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, Infographics, landing pages, and you can also create your own custom dimensions with all kinds of texts and design elements to spruce them up. 

With Luma Fusion—or if you’re an iPhone user, iMovie is a good choice—you can capture video files with your phone and then easily edit them with fade-ins and outs, add music, make cuts, add graphics, and use title cards to make compelling videos in the palm of your hand. 

For editing photos, Lightroom from Adobe offers a free version of their software on mobile that comes with tons of tools to help change exposure, remove blemishes, adjust contrast, and add unique filters to really help your images stand out against the crowd. 

I know that doing heavy graphic design work or editing work may sound stressful on a mobile device, but these platforms make the whole experience pretty fluid. Plus, if you don’t have the funds to invest in a nice iMac or workstation at home to execute this type of work, a budget smartphone is a great, affordable alternative. 

You Can Still Collaborate and Communicate with Your Clients

Finally, your smartphone is the perfect tool to collaborate and communicate with your clients on a regular basis. 

For me, a lot of my clients connect through email or exchange updates through Google Docs or Google Sheets. Non-stop, my phone dings with notifications from clients leaving notes, making changes, and sending messages to me about other things they need to be done. And for the most part, I can always respond to their request using my smartphone—turning in a quick edit on a blog post or checking a figure on a spreadsheet. 

Aside from Google apps, Slack is my biggest mode of communication with clients and team members, and thankfully, they offer a mobile app that’s just as simple as everyday text messages. Not to mention, I can upload documents into conversations, tag other teammates on projects, and create separate channels for certain projects to only include the right people—all from my phone!

Whether you’re at home or working on-the-go, collaboration with your clients is key, and your smartphone is always a team player ready to assist. 

Use UnlimitedEffect with Your Smartphone

I can’t stress this enough: Your smartphone is your ultimate tool for creating content and getting work done. 

More importantly, you can continue to gain new clients and offer your services with UnlimitedEffect on mobile. You can find the app for Android or IOS, and once you log in, you’ll have 24-hour access to your UnlimitedEffect account, which clients can connect with you and purchase your design packages. 

Start taking advantage of all the things your smartphone can do for you! 

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